Welcome to Kidoka Project! I'm Jey, a designer by day and artist by night... but really, I'm just a little person with big dreams. Thank you very much for considering me for your artwork needs. I look forward to bringing your imagination to life in my style.


▫️ Will draw original characters (illustrations/character sheets/etc.)
▫️ Will draw from any fandom
▫️ Will draw light anthro/kemonomimi (tail, ears, etc.)
▫️ Will NOT draw mecha/vehicles/etc.
▫️ Will NOT draw nudity, porn, etc. (slight nsfw is okay)
▫️ Simple background color of your choice is included. A detailed background will have an additional charge.
▫️ Armor, clothing, or weapon with complicated design will have an additional charge.

terms of service

▫️ I have the right to post wips/finished artwork on my portfolio and other social platforms.
▫️ Please give me at least one to three months to work on the commission. I work as much as time permits but I am very busy.
▫️ To commission, please fill out the form provided here.
Note: I will send you an email confirmation when I have accepted the commission.
▫️ After we have agreed on payment, I'll send a rough sketch for approval.
▫️ Once approved, I expect full payment (Paypal) before I proceed to the final piece.
Note: There will be no major edits after you approve the sketch. Minor edits are allowed within reason.
▫️ FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please email me directly if inquiring about commercial artwork.
▫️ NO REMOVAL OF WATERMARK. At client's request, it can be small enough to not be seen easily.
▫️ Please feel free to contact me at kidokaproject @ gmail if you have any other questions.

Commission Rates

bust up

lineart - 20 USD // full color - 35 USD per character

waist up

lineart - 30 USD // full color - 60 USD per character

full body

lineart - 45 USD // full color - 90 USD per character

chibis + foods

color - 30 USD per character or fully painted food item

Prices are per character so simply multiply the price by the number of characters.
Simple background color of your choice will be included. Detailed backgrounds will have an additional charge depending on the level of detail.